Fr. John AntonelleDear Friends in Christ,

I’ve been told that a growing number of people will first try to investigate a church via its web-site before they or their family actually walk through the door. That being said, I’d like to welcome you to Saint Thomas Aquinas Chapel and Parish and hope that you enjoy our web page.  I do feel compelled to say that nothing we can do on the web page will help you know all the wonderful people of this parish and congregation.  It is my sincere hope that you will come for a visit and stay a lifetime as a parishioner and beyond graduation from the University.

Saint Thomas parish is unique in that it is an established parish with approximately 700 families registered as well as being the Catholic Chapel on the University of Connecticut campus, ministering to thousands of university students.  Our student brochure has a slogan that I love – “We’re here for you.”  My associate Fr. Greg, the staff and I are available anytime you need to talk, just e-mail or call any of us.  We are a multi-generational church made up of a wonderful blend of people of all ages, backgrounds and experiences.  We have truly excellent ministries that you are welcome to join, who work to connect people to Jesus and help them discover their God-given purpose in life and a staff that work to serve the students and parishioners.  It is a journey and mission that we share as one parish family as expressed in our Mission Statement:

Come as you are and know that God loves you.

Come with your strengths and share what God has given you.

Come with your doubts, questions and fears and know that you are welcomed.

Come hear the Gospel and know that you will be challenged.

Come searching to find the Lord who loves you and know that you will be changed.

Come as you are and let us walk together on the only journey that matters.

But we are not just a group of individuals coming together to attend Mass, we are a family – God’s family coming together to know and love God and one another more.  So, I sincerely hope that you find what you are seeking. Be assured that God does have a plan for your, mine and our lives. The question is will we follow that plan. Let us together share that journey to discern God’s Will for us and may you discover the peace that only God can give.

I hope that you will join us here at St. Thomas and let us share the love of Christ with you.

Love and prayers,

Fr. John